Sara Hauptman: Learning on the job

Leda Zimmerman

Adam Grein Receiving Infinite Mile Award

NRL Mechanical Engineer, Adam Grein, Recipient of 2016 MIT Infinite Mile Award

NRL Mechanical Engineer and Shift Supervisor, Adam Grein, was a recipient of the 2016 MIT Infinite Mile Award.

John Foster and Taylor Tracy, NRL

Tim Leurini and Keith Honeycutt

Congratulations to Our Two Newly Licensed Reactor Operators

Tim Leurini and Keith Honeycutt received their NRC licenses for the MITR

John Foster, NRL

MIT Open House Banner

Photos from our Nuclear Science and Technology Q&A MIT Open House Event

On April 23rd the NRL hosted a Nuclear Science and Technology Q&A event as part of MIT’s Open House. Here are pictures from the event!

Taylor Tracy, NRL

Post-irradiation picture of the crack

Novel in-core crack growth test conducted at the MIT Reactor

An INL / MIT-NRL team designs, develops, and demonstrates the first system in the U.S. that can perform real-time high-temperature, aqueous, crack growth tests in the core of a research reactor.

A. J. Palmer, INL

Flibe experiment

Reviving a 40-year-old nuclear reactor coolant

The MIT NRL is involved in two collaborative research projects that are aimed at a high-tech revival of a nuclear reactor coolant that has not been used since 1969.

Michael Ames and David Carpenter, NRL

Lin-wen Hu

Lin-wen Hu: Innovating the present while looking towards the future

Lin-wen Hu first became interested in nuclear energy during a high school physics class in her home country of Taiwan.

Taylor Tracy, NRL