Career Opportunities at MIT NRL

Page last reviewed: January 24th, 2023

Irradiation Facilities Engineering Manager

IRRADIATION FACILITIES ENGINEERING MANAGERNuclear Reactor Laboratory, to be responsible for managing the design, construction, and installation of new experimental irradiation facilities.  Will coordinate engineering efforts from multiple groups to develop designs for new irradiation facilities; ensure safety reviews are completed and QA documentation is maintained; oversee procurement and schedule installation activities with stakeholders; and assist with installation activities and the repair of existing experimental irradiation facilities. 

The MIT Nuclear Reactor Laboratory is a university laboratory that conducts interdisciplinary research in the areas of advanced fuel and materials for nuclear energy systems, nuclear science, nuclear medicine, and radiation science and technology.  

Job Requirements
REQUIRED:  bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering or related field; five years of experience, preferably at a nuclear reactor facility in an engineering role; ability to work effectively both independently and as a team member, keep to schedules and deadlines, prioritize multiple projects effectively, and work and manage diverse engineering teams; attention to detail; and good written and oral communication skills.  Job #22244

TECHNICAL ASSOCIATE IINuclear Reactor Lab (NRL), to be responsible for a wide range of experimental assembly, record-keeping, quality assurance, and data-taking activities supporting the primary mission of the Nuclear Reactor Laboratory.  Responsibilities include the physical assembly of instrumented experimental capsules, including detailed record-keeping of associated components and test coupons; conducting standard/specialized lab techniques/functions to support lab and/or research projects or protocols; ensuring the safe conduct of work in designated lab areas; planning and executing lab events and meetings; assessing equipment needs and scheduling maintenance/repairs; maintaining vendor relationships and service contracts/records; ensuring appropriate inventory of lab supplies; monitoring conditions of orders and service contracts to ensure that deals/purchases are appropriate based on budget; researching and recommending the purchase of specialized equipment; troubleshooting and making recommendations to solve equipment issues; performing basic data analysis, ensuring accuracy and compliance with quality assurance protocols; monitoring, analyzing, and interpreting experimental data on performance of experimental capsules with respect to thermal performance and adjusting experimental parameters accordingly; database assembly and management; creating databases using Excel and accessing and updating files on shared experimental drives; and performing related duties as requested.  May recommend new and/or revisions to laboratory policies and procedures.  

Job Requirements
REQUIRED: bachelor’s degree in engineering, applied sciences, or related technical field; four years’ specialized lab experience (may include experience gained as an undergraduate); ability to read, draft, and communicate mechanical drawings of experimental components; understanding of research electronics and hardware necessary for thermal analysis and control and gas-flow control; understanding of quality assurance procedures/protocols and/or ability to learn nuclear quality assurance (NQA-1) procedures; and excellent interpersonal and communication skills.  PREFERRED:  master’s degree.  Job #21983

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(posted 10/14/2022)

Research Scientist

RESEARCH SCIENTISTNuclear Reactor Laboratory (2 openings), to be responsible for advanced nuclear fuel and materials testing and simulation. This involves working with facilities related to the MIT nuclear reactor and campus-wide equipment to perform material testing and characterization. Will also perform neutronic and finite element analysis to support the development and execution of irradiation experiments.  Responsibilities will include supporting the development of an in-pile flowing molten salt loop facility; supporting engineering and characterization of nuclear material after exposure to harsh radiation, corrosion, and high temperatures; neutronic analysis of experiments in the reactor to ensure safety and performance; and simulation of experimental rig and nuclear material performance with finite-element analysis tools.  The research program involves collaboration with co-principal investigators in the nuclear industry and national laboratories and requires preparing reports based on student and researcher input on the mentioned topics. Leading and contributing to high-quality conference and journal publications will also be expected.  

Job Requirements
REQUIRED: Ph.D. in nuclear engineering or closely related discipline; publication and innovation record, e.g., peer-reviewed journal articles, conference proceedings, or technical books; demonstrated experimentalism in area of nuclear materials testing and characterization; experience performing radiation transport analysis in supporting experiments; experience with commercial software in modeling finite element analysis behavior of fuels and experimental rigs; excellent written and oral communication skills; ability to work in large multidisciplinary research groups and build relationships; and experience with mentoring students and researchers. PREFERRED:  five years of experience. Job #21599

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(posted 7/22/2022)

Postdoctoral Associate

POSTDOCTORAL ASSOCIATENuclear Reactor Laboratory, to join the MIT Research Reactor (MITR), the primary experimental facility of the Nuclear Reactor Laboratory and one of five U.S High-Performance Research Reactors. The Center for Reactor Instrumentation and Sensor Physics (CRISP), physically located within NRL, is a joint Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and MIT center whose mission is to advance the current state of instrumentation and controls in nuclear systems by developing foundational technologies. CRISP connects experts from diverse organizations to devise novel solutions for sensing and tests these systems under irradiation. Will participate in CRISP research and support a diverse set of complex problems in sensing and measurement of critical quantities in harsh environmental conditions. Specifically, will be instrumental in implementing existing techniques as well as devising novel ones to measure high temperature operating conditions observed in nuclear thermal propulsion (NTP) systems. Will participate in all aspects of the instrumentation design--from concept development, computational analysis, design of experiments, benchtop experiments to final demonstration experiment in the MITR.  

Job Requirements
REQUIRED: Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, nuclear engineering, physics, or related field; in-depth knowledge of data acquisition systems and signal processing such as filtering; experience in multiphysics modeling and simulation of structural and heat transfer dynamics coupled with elastic or electromagnetic wave propagation in solid structures; demonstrated hands-on experience working with experimental systems; and the ability to keep schedules and meet deadlines and work both independently and as a team member in a cross-disciplinary group.  PREFERRED:  exposure to or familiarity with the LabVIEW programming language and experience with ultrasonic thermometry or pyrometry. Job #20987

This position is expected to start in May 2022 and is subject to a one-year term with possible renewal on an annual basis.

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(posted 3/18/2022)

We accept applications every September for local college freshman or sophomore looking to work as a reactor operator. Our Operator Training section has more information about the opportunity to be gainfully employed until graduation with one of the highest paying jobs on MIT's campus. Student applications are accepted at the start of the Fall semester with a new cohort hired each academic year.