MITR In-Core Experiments

MITR In-Core Experiments
Facility In-Service Purpose of Experiments
PCCL 1989 Measure effect of pH on corrosion product transport and ex-core radionuclide deposition to optimize PWR chemistry specifications
BCCL 1990 Evaluate effect of chemical additives on N-16 carryover and benchmark radiolysis codes
IASCC 1990 Test effects of coolant chemistry on IASCC of BWR alloys
SENSOR 1994 Test in-vessel detectors for ECP and crack growth rate and investigate crack arrest by hydrogen water chemistry
Shadow Corrosion 1999 Test clad samples with various counter materials and gaps under BWR conditions to investigate shadow corrosion
Alumina Fiber Composite Clad** 2000 Test of alumina-based ceramic fiber composites as potential cladding material under PWR conditions
Annular Fuel** 2004 Demonstration of VIPAC annular fuel under irradiation and test of manufacturing process
Shadow Corrosion 2004 Phase II of 1999 Shadow Corrosion Loop
ECP 2004 Electrochemical characterization of in-core coolant and oxides to investigate mechanisms of shadow corrosion
HTIF 2005-2006 Irradiation of SiC/SiC composites and surrogate TRISO fuel particles up to 1600ºC in inert gas
ACI Loop** 2006-2007 Investigation of corrosion and mechanical property behavior of triplex SiC/SiC composite clad tubing under PWR conditions
ACI Loop 2009 Continued irradiation of clad tubing samples from previous ACI with addition of next generation, smaller diameter tubing
ACI Loop* 2009-2012 Continued irradiation of tubing samples with addition of bonding specimens to evaluate end-cap bond processes
New ICSA* 2010 Evaluate thermal design of capsule incorporating “gamma susceptor” for passively heated irradiations up to 900 °C
Mo-99 Irradiation 2010 (Pilot) Evaluate (n,γ) production of Mo-99
High-T ICSA irradiation of “Max Phases” ** 2010-2011 Irradiation of five different ternary carbides and nitrides of Ti for post-irradiation evaluation of properties with possible applications in high temperature gas reactors
Hydride Fuel* 2011-2012 Irradiation of novel liquid-metal bonded uranium-zirconium hydride fuel rods in Zircaloy-4 cladding for LWR applications
LUNA (ICSA)** 2012 Evaluation of irradiation damage in fiber optic sensors manufactured by Luna Innovations Inc. for use as in-core temperature monitors
Fluoride Salt** 2013 Corrosion and tritium transport measurements on SiC and metal coupons irradiated in liquid lithium fluoride-beryllium fluoride salt for the High Temperature Fluoride Salt Reactor IRP
ULTRA* 2013- Performance testing of multiple magnetostrictive and piezoelectric ultrasonic sensors under irradiation in inert gas
ACI Loop** 2013-2014 Corrosion, creep, and corrosion product transport testing on SiC BWR channel box coupons under BWR core conditions

*Experiments funded by ATR-NSUF
**Experiments funded by other DOE programs, such as NERI, NEET, SBIR, STTR etc.
PCCL = PWR Coolant Chemistry Loop
BCCL = BWR Coolant Chemistry Loop
IASCC = Irradiation–Assisted Stress Corrosion Cracking
ECP = Electrochemical Potential
HTIF = High-Temperature Irradiation Facility
ACI = Advanced Cladding Irradiation
ICSA = In-Core Sample Assembly