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TREAT team

NRL researchers to benchmark restart of transient test reactor

The MIT Nuclear Reactor Lab’s Lin-wen Hu, David Carpenter, and Kaichao Sun are part of a team led by Oregon State University to work on “Computational and Experimental Benchmarking for Transient Fuel Testing.”

MIT enters into joint nuclear research agreement with Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics (SINAP) have entered into a collaborative research agreement which officially began on October 1, 2015. The two institutions will work together to advance the technologies needed to realize a new class of Fluoride-salt-cooled High-temperature Reactors (FHRs).

Experimental setup

Magnetic nanoparticles could aid heat dissipation

Particles suspended in cooling water could prevent hotspots in nuclear plant cooling systems and electronics.

David L. Chander, MIT News Office

Test of cylindrical mirror

New kind of microscope uses neutrons

Device could open up new areas of research on materials and biological samples at tiny scales.

David L. Chandler, MIT News Office

A silicon carbide (SiC) sample is removed from a 1500 degree C. furnace

Improved nuclear fuel-rod cladding might prevent future Fukushimas

A substitute for traditional zircaloy could greatly reduce the danger of hydrogen explosions.

David L. Chandler, MIT News Office

David E. Moncton

David Moncton named co-recipient of the 2013 Advanced Photon Source Arthur H. Compton Award

Moncton cited for his contribution of the development of the "top-up" mode at the Advanced Photon Source.

U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Photon Source

Three university teams win nuclear research funding awards

A Penn State team, led by Bernhard Tittmann, will use the research reactor at MIT to study transducers that can take in-pile ultrasonic measurements of nuclear fuels and materials.

Idaho National Laboratory

Lin-wen Hu at award presentation

NRL's Lin-Wen Hu named 2012 Excellence Award Recipient

Dr. Hu honored with award in the Innovative Solutions category, which recognizes those who collaborate to solve problems and improve the way work gets done.

Kathryn M. O'Neill, MIT News Office

Lin-wen Hu

NSE Spotlight: Lin-wen Hu: Advancing MIT's Educational Mission at the MIT Reactor Lab

MIT's Research Reactor (MITR) plays a critical role not only in the education of MIT students, but on the national stage for advanced nuclear reactor fuel and materials research, according to Lin-wen Hu, the associate director of research development and utilization at the Nuclear Reactor Laboratory.

Kathryn M. O'Neill, MIT NSE

Photos by Bob O’Connor

Did You Hear The One About MIT's Little Nuclear Reactor?

Boston Magazine visits the MIT Nuclear Reactor with David Moncton.

Grace Talusan, Boston Magazine

Senior Reactor Operator Agata E. Wisniowska ’11 performs a startup in the reactor’s control room

MIT nuclear reactor trains students in safe management of complex systems

Brian K. Baum ’10 calls his job “essentially glorified babysitting,” but he’s not watching over his neighbor’s kids. Instead, he is one of a small group of undergraduates who operates MIT’s nuclear reactor.

Margaret Cunniff, The Tech

NRL control room

NRL responds to the Boston Globe

NRL response to the 29 December 2009 Boston Globe article entitled "Potent Fuel at MIT Reactor Makes Uneasy Politics" by Bryan Bender of the Globe Washington DC office.

Reactor core

Partnership between test reactors to support nuclear energy research

The Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific User Facility (ATR NSUF) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Reactor (MITR) have announced a partnership designed to increase user access to national reactor irradiation and testing capability.

MIT News