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Senior Reactor Operator Agata E. Wisniowska ’11 performs a startup in the reactor’s control room

MIT nuclear reactor trains students in safe management of complex systems

Brian K. Baum ’10 calls his job “essentially glorified babysitting,” but he’s not watching over his neighbor’s kids. Instead, he is one of a small group of undergraduates who operates MIT’s nuclear reactor.

Margaret Cunniff, The Tech

NRL control room

NRL responds to the Boston Globe

NRL response to the 29 December 2009 Boston Globe article entitled "Potent Fuel at MIT Reactor Makes Uneasy Politics" by Bryan Bender of the Globe Washington DC office.

Reactor core

Partnership between test reactors to support nuclear energy research

The Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific User Facility (ATR NSUF) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Reactor (MITR) have announced a partnership designed to increase user access to national reactor irradiation and testing capability.

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