Yina Huang

Yina Huang
Research Scientist


University of Science and Technology Beijing, China,  PhD, 2010
University of Science and Technology Beijing, China,  B.S., 2004
Hokkaido University, Japan, Co-educated PhD student, 2006 - 2009

Research Experience

Professor - Hefei University of Technology (China)- 2016 - 2021
Research Assistant - University of Oxford (UK), 2103 - 2015
Research Associate - University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2010 - 2013 Guest Scientist - Paul Scherrer Institute (Switzerland) 2009 - 2010

Research interests

  • Application of electron microscopy on analysis of materials for nuclear application
  • Processing of Structural materials for reactors
  • Characterization of ceramic coating for fuel

Selected Publications

Y. Huang, H. Zhang, M.A. Auger, Z. Hong, H. Ning, M.J. Gorley, P.S. Grant, M.J. Reece, H. Yan, S.G. Roberts, Microstructural comparison between titanium and hafnium additions in spark-plasma sintered Fe-based ODS alloys, Journal of Nuclear Materials,2017,(487):433~442
Y. Huang, J. Wiezorek, F.A. Garner, P.D. Freyer, T. Okita, M. Sagisaka, Y. Isobe, T.R. Allen,Microstructural characterization and density change of 304 stainless steel reflector blocks after long-term irradiation in EBR-II,Journal of Nuclear Materials, 2015,465:516–533
Y. Huang, B.R. Maier, T.R. Allen,Irradiation-induced Effects of proton irradiation on Zirconium Carbides with different stoichiometry,Nuclear Engineering and Design, 2014, 277:55-63
Y. Huang, J.P. Wharry, Z. Jiao, C.M. Parish, S. Ukai, T.R. Allen, Microstructural evolution in proton irradiated NF616 at 773 K to 3 dpa. Journal of Nuclear Materials, 2013, Supplement 1, 442(1–3):800-804
Yina Huang, Farong Wan, Xin Xiao, Shi Shi, Yi Long, Somei Ohnuki, Naoyuki Hashimoto,The Isotope effect on the reaction between Hydrogen and irrdadiation defects in pure iron, Fusion Engineering and Design, 2010, 85( 10–12): 2203-2206