Lance Snead

Lance Snead
Senior Advisor to NRL
Leader, Irradiation Materials Science Group

Lance L Snead received his PhD from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1992 where he suggested the use of silicon carbide composites for nuclear systems, laying the ground work for his early career focus developing SiC composites for nuclear systems.  Additional areas of research interest are the development and irradiation effects in ceramics, graphite, and nuclear fuels.  Dr Snead is a fellow of both the American Nuclear and American Ceramic Societies.  He was recipient of the American Nuclear Society Seaborg Medal in 2015 for outstanding scientific contributions to the development of peaceful uses of nuclear energy as well as the Mishima Award in 2012 outstanding contributions of an individual in research and development work on nuclear fuel and materials.  His research activities are equally divided between fusion and fission systems and include both development of new materials and determination of their performance under irradiation environments.

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