We are only offering virtual lectures and tours at this time until further notice. Upcoming virtual tours can be registered for below


Touring MIT's Nuclear Reactor Lab is a unique experience where participants learn about nuclear science and engineering, radiation facts and safety, examples of the research and experiments we do, how the facility is operated, and more. In-person tours are conducted on weekdays between 8:30am and 3:00pm for groups of up to 20 participants and are ~60 to 90 minutes long.

Any type of tour must be requested at least one (1) week in advance of your requested tour date (2:00pm is the latest in-person start time if your group has an optional lecture before the tour). Requests from small groups or individuals will be combined as scheduling allows.

Planning a few months in advance? Use our reactor operating schedule as a starting point for our scheduled outages - we can't accommodate tours during any red or yellow dates on the calendar found on that page (in addition to MIT's holidays).

Here are some bonus videos to introduce you to our facility before you come for a tour or have your virtual one. These videos are different than the footage shown in our virtual tours and can help tour participants become more engaged during their tour with even a small amount of familiarity behind them.

Reactor Tour

Take a look inside MIT's Nuclear Reactor Lab (K-12 audience):

5 Things You Wouldn't Expect a Nuclear Reactor To Do

Check out the video below for some surprising facts about ways you can utilize a nuclear reactor, all of which is done at MIT's Nuclear Reactor Lab