Sarah Don

Sarah Don: Building connections

MIT Reactor superintendent aims to give more students the opportunity to work with and learn from the reactor

Stefanie Koperniak

Reactor core and control arms
Looking down at the MIT reactor core

MIT Nuclear Reactor Laboratory launches seed grant program

Stefanie Koperniak

Becky Romatoski

Becky Romatoski: Reducing risk

Leda Zimmerman

From left to right: Martin Schmidt, MIT Provost; Bill McCarthy, Deputy Director of EHS and Reactor Radiation Protection Officer; Israel Ruiz, MIT Executive Vice President and Treasurer.

Bill McCarthy Recipient of 2017 MIT Excellence Award for Innovative Solutions

Bill McCarthy, a Deputy Director of EHS and Reactor Radiation Protection Officer at the NRL, received the Excellence Award for Innovative Solutions at the 2017 MIT Excellence Awards Ceremony.

Taylor Tracy, NRL

Nuclear scientist David Carpenter leads a life of discovery at MIT's Nuclear Reactor Laboratory

David Carpenter: Purpose-driven to the core

Leda Zimmerman

Dr. Lin-wen Hu, the principal research scientist at the MIT Nuclear Reactor Laboratory

MIT’s Nuclear Lab has an Unusual Plan to Jump-Start Advanced-Reactor Research

James Temple, MIT Technology Review

Sara Hauptman: Learning on the job

Leda Zimmerman