NRL Administrative Assistant, Taylor Tracy, Recipient of 2020 Infinite Mile Award

NRL Administrative Assistant, Taylor Tracy, Recipient of 2020 Infinite Mile Award

The 2020 Infinite Mile Award Ceremony was held virtually due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The webcast and descriptions of other 2020 Infinite Mile Award winners can be found here.

As spoken, beginning at the 23:25 mark of the webcast:

Taylor is an Administrative Assistant at the Nuclear Reactor Laboratory (NRL). Since joining the NRL in 2013, she has taken on many new responsibilities. Taylor is dedicated and exemplifies "serving the better good," for the NRL. She has become the go-to person for reactor tours and prior to her arrival, this responsibility was assigned to the reactor operations staff. Her attention to detail, passion for nuclear technology and educating the public, as well as her knowledge of policies and procedures is unmatched. Her ability to perform at this high level has relieved a significant workload from reactor operations staff, and significantly enhanced outreach to the local community, schools and youth organizations.

Taylor’s ability to multitask on many projects simultaneously while being able to understand competing priorities is a true asset. There are no limits on the value she brings to the NRL and MIT. She has quickly become the one person that is missed the most when not in the office. Many see Taylor as being the face of the organization at the NRL but she's more like the heart.

Taylor’s dedication and enthusiasm for the NRL has increased its presence on campus with student groups and with the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering. She continuously strives to serve the better good for the NRL and MIT. Congratulations Taylor on your well-earned recognition.