Reactor Tour Video and Others Now Online

Still frame of animated reactor core overlay
Reactor Tour Video and Others Now Online
Taylor Tracy, NRL
The MIT Nuclear Reactor Lab has partnered with the MIT+K12 Videos team to produce a set of informative videos for educators and students featuring the MIT Reactor (MITR). A video tour of the facility is now posted on our Teacher Resources page, giving an insider’s look at the facility (even into the core!). If you’re not able to come in person for a tour, this video will give you a detailed look at what a day at the reactor is like – extending beyond what a standard tour gets to see. A second video showing five versatile ways the MITR is utilized can be found on the same page.
A playlist including both videos plus three more with Professor Mike Short from MIT’s Nuclear Science and Engineering Department can be found here.
If you have any questions after watching the videos, feel free to use our contact form to submit them and our researchers and engineers will help answer them.